You can change the name of a virtual page to describe its content more clearly. TeleTrader WorkStation just assigns numbers to each virtual page.

If you want to clear a virtual page, you can close all document windows on it at once. If you just want to remove a single document, just close the document Ė see Closing Documents.

To change the name of a virtual page

▪†††††† On the Window menu, click Page Title.

▪†††††† In the Virtual Page dialog, edit the name of the virtual page.

▪†††††† Click OK.

To reposition a virtual page

▪†††††† On the Window menu, click Set Virtual Page Layout As and select the position where the current page should be moved to. This can also be a previously empty page.

▪†††††† The complete virtual page is moved to the new position. If the new position was already filled with another virtual page, this page is moved to the following page position.

To close all documents on a virtual page

Warning††† This action cannot be undone. This will close all documents on this virtual page, including all their settings. If you want to use one of the windows later on, you have to first save it: See Creating and Saving Documents and Creating and Saving Workspaces.

▪†††††† On the Window menu, click Close Windows on Current Page.

▪†††††† Click Yes to confirm the warning message.

Note ††††††††††† You can save the answer to this warning by selecting the check box Donít ask this question again before clicking Yes or No. To later change this setting, see Default Responses Settings.