Documents are windows that are shown inside the TeleTrader WorkStation main window. Most documents show quote data (like price pages or charts), but some documents also show other data, like news documents and web watch documents. You have several options to customize the content of your documents (see Customizing Documents, Pop-up Windows and Panes), but you can also adapt the document windows themselves, for example by automatically choosing the appropriate size for them, arranging them on the screen or copying them.

If you display many document windows, your screen may become too crowded. You can then organize those windows into so-called virtual pages. Virtual pages are collections of documents. Each virtual page takes up one computer screen, which means that you cannot display multiple virtual pages at once. Much like the pages of a book, you can only switch between virtual pages, display them one after each other or directly jump to a specific virtual page. TeleTrader WorkStation also offers a set of prepared virtual pages, with market overviews, up-to-date index lists and similar content.

A collection of virtual pages is called a workspace. You can have up to twenty virtual pages in each workspace; the smallest possible workspace consists of a single virtual page. A workspace can also contain additional TeleTrader WorkStation main windows and free floating windows that are needed for multi-monitor systems.

When you want to save your work, we recommend to always save documents inside a workspace. This way, you can save (and later open) several documents at once, and also save their size, settings and relative position on the screen. If you save single documents, only their individual settings and symbols are saved. Especially if you use linked documents, you have to save them in a workspace to be able to use them again in the same constellation.

Only one workspace can be open at the same time. When you want to have access to a list of symbols that you need across workspaces, independent of the workspace that is open at the moment, you should store them inside FastLook. FastLook is part of the Navigation pane and, similar to the QuickBar, contains lists of symbols that are grouped into folders and can be opened in documents at any time. The difference is that the symbols in FastLook are added and managed by yourself, whereas the QuickBar is maintained by TeleTrader and cannot be changed by you.

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