When you start TeleTrader WorkStation, the program automatically opens a workspace. If you have selected the option Reopen last workspace in the login dialog, it will open the last workspace that you have worked with. If you did not select this option, TeleTrader WorkStation creates a new, empty workspace when you start the program. You can of course also create a new workspace yourself and save it on your hard disk.

To create a new workspace

Note If another workspace is already open when you use this command, it will be closed before the new workspace is created. If there are unsaved changes to this workspace, you will be asked if you want to save the changes.

▪ On the File menu, click New Workspace.

▪ A blank workspace is created. You can now add documents and virtual pages to it: See Creating and Saving Documents and Copying and Moving Content Between Virtual Pages.

To save a workspace

▪ On the File menu, click Save Workspace.

Note You can also click on the Save Workspace icon in the Workspace toolbar:

▪ In the Save workspace as dialog, enter a name for the workspace in the File name field.

Note The Save workspace as dialog appears only when you are saving the workspace for the first time.

▪ Choose the location where you want to save your workspace. TeleTrader WorkStation will suggest to save it into your Documents folder. You can use a different location, but some shortcuts for opening workspaces might then not work anymore.

Note If you want to store all your workspaces in a different place than suggested by TeleTrader WorkStation, you can change the default path for Documents under Tools > Options > File Locations. See File Locations Settings.

▪ Click Save.

To save an existing workspace under a different name

▪ On the File menu, click Save Workspace As.

▪ In the Save workspace as dialog, enter a new name for the workspace in the File name field.

▪ Click Save.

Automatic backup of workspaces

Every time you save a workspace, a backup file is created automatically in the same folder as the original workspace. The backup file will have the file name extension .bak (for example, MyWorkspace.bak) and contains the workspace as it was before the changes that you saved last. You can recover the last version of the workspace from the backup file. Only the last save is backed up if you save your workspace again, a new backup file is created, and the version before that is overwritten.

The backup can be useful if you have saved some changes by mistake: For example, you might have a workspace with several charts, and decide to close one of the charts. You then save the workspace. Some minutes later, you discover that you indeed still need the chart that you have just closed: You can now recover the last version of the workspace from the backup file.

Note If you have not saved your changes yet, you can always revert to the last saved version of your workspace by simply not saving the changes. The following procedure applies only to changes that have been saved by mistake.

To recover the last version of a workspace from the backup file

▪ In your file system (for example, Windows Explorer), go to the folder where you have saved your workspace. The default location under Windows Vista is C:\Users\[user]\Documents.

▪ Find the backup file. It has the same name as your workspace, but a different file name extension, for example MyWorkspace.bak.

▪ Rename the file to MyWorkspace_recovered.wks (or a similar name). Be sure to change the file name extension to .wks.

Note You might now see a message from your operating system that asks you if you are sure that you want to change the file name extension, as the file may become unusable. Click Yes.

▪ Double-click the renamed file. The last version of the workspace should now open in TeleTrader WorkStation.