New documents are created every time you open a symbol in a document. You can save individual documents as a single file however, we recommend to always save documents inside a workspace. See Creating and Saving Workspaces.

Note Charts can also be saved as a picture file. For more information, see Saving Charts as Picture Files.

To create a new document

To create a new document, you open a symbol with this document type. You can do this in several ways:

▫ Use the QuickBar, which holds the most popular symbols: See Opening Symbols from the QuickBar

▫ Use Symbol Search to find and open a specific symbol: See Opening Symbols from the Search Results

▫ Create a new empty document and insert one or more symbols there: See Opening Symbols in New Documents

▫ Take a symbol that is already displayed in a document and open it in another document: See Opening Symbols from Existing Documents

▫ To open a news document, click on the News icon in the QuickBar for general news, or search for news for a specific symbol: See Displaying News for a Symbol.

To save a document

▪ On the File menu, click Document > Save.

Note You can also click on the Save icon in the Main toolbar:

▪ In the Save as dialog, enter a name for the document in the File name field.

Note The Save as dialog appears only when you are saving the document for the first time.

▪ Choose the location where you want to save your document. TeleTrader WorkStation will suggest to save it into your Documents folder. You can also use a different location.

TeleTrader WorkStation automatically chooses the appropriate document type (file name extension) for the current document in the Save as type field.

▪ Click Save.

To save an existing document under a different name

▪ On the File menu, click Document > Save as.

▪ In the Save as dialog, enter a new name for the document in the File name field.

▪ Click Save.