You can save a virtual page as a file, and later add it to any TeleTrader WorkStation workspace. TeleTrader WorkStation also offers a set of prepared virtual pages, with market overviews, up-to-date index lists and similar content.

To open a virtual page

▪ On the File menu, click Open Virtual Page.

▪ In the Virtual Pages dialog, select the virtual page that you want to open. There might be several tabs with different virtual pages. To find virtual pages that you have saved in different locations, click Other Pages.

▪ Click OK. The virtual page is added behind the last filled virtual page (if the workspace was empty, this is the first page).

Note If you want to close the currently active virtual page, and replace it with the new virtual page, select Replace displayed virtual page before clicking OK.
This action cannot be undone if you select this option, all documents on the active virtual page will be closed and replaced with the new virtual page.

To save a virtual page

▪ On the File menu, click Save Virtual Page As.

▪ In the Save Virtual Page dialog, enter a name for the virtual page in the File name field.

▪ Choose the location where you want to save the virtual page. TeleTrader WorkStation will suggest to save it into the Custom Virtual Pages folder. You can use a different location, or even create an additional folder (the new folder will be shown as an additional tab in the Virtual Pages dialog, see above).

▪ Click Save.