A virtual page is a collection of documents that is displayed on the computer screen. If you have so many documents that they would take up more place than is available on your screen, you can move some of those documents to another virtual page. You can switch between the virtual pages with your keyboard or the mouse. Only one virtual page can be shown on the screen at the same time.

Each workspace contains twenty virtual pages that can be filled with content. You can of course also leave some virtual pages empty. A virtual page is completely independent of the other virtual pages in a workspace.

Virtual pages are automatically saved with the workspace they belong to. If you want to save a virtual page independent of a workspace, you have to export it - you can later import it into any other workspace.

TeleTrader WorkStation also offers a set of prepared virtual pages, with market overviews, up-to-date index lists and similar content. These pages can be easily added to your existing workspace.

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