On the Default Responses options sheet, you can:

▫†††††† Reset the saved default responses to questions such as automatically saving a workspace when closing it. For example, when you close a workspace for the first time, TeleTrader WorkStation will ask you if you want to save the changes made to it. If you always want to save all changes, select the check box Donít ask this question again and click Yes. If you always want to discard all changes, click No. TeleTrader WorkStation wonít ask again and simply save (or discard) all changes to a workspace when you close it. If you later want to change this setting, you can reset this question so that it will appear again the next time you close a workspace and give you the opportunity to make a new decision.

▫†††††† Change which default document is used when opening single symbols from the QuickBar. See Opening Symbols from the QuickBar.




Clear the check box in front of the appropriate prompt to reset this default response. The associated question dialog will appear again the next time this action is carried out.


Choose the document type that should be opened when you open a single symbol from the QuickBar.

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