Technical analysis methods are based on evaluating past price movements, patterns and trends to forecast the future development of a security. To identify and interpret such patterns, charting techniques are used to visualize the historic data of a symbol on the screen.

TeleTrader WorkStation offers a lot of tools to work with charts. This section describes mainly how to set up and customize the chart itself. If you want to learn how to insert and use the different drawing tools and analysis tools (studies), these are explained in separate sections: Drawing Tools and Analysis Tools.

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Elements of a Chart

Creating Charts and Opening Documents from a Chart

Changing the Data Compression

Changing the Chart Type

Changing the Type of the Price Scale

Inserting, Overlaying and Changing Symbols in a Chart

Inserting a Chartable Expression

Using Keyword Commands in Charts

Navigating and Organizing a Chart

Reading Values from a Chart

Displaying the Data Table View

Customizing the Chart

Continuous Contracts / Continuation Charts

Sharing and Printing Charts

Using Charts Offline