When you have saved a workspace, you can later open it again in TeleTrader WorkStation. All the settings of the workspace are restored, for example the number of open documents with their symbols, the layout of virtual pages, the position of the document windows on the screen etc. You can only open one workspace at a time. Whenever you open a workspace, the workspace that was previously open is automatically closed.

To open a saved workspace

Note             If another workspace is already open when you use this command, it will be closed before the other workspace is opened. If there are unsaved changes to this workspace, you will be asked if you want to save the changes.

▪       On the File menu, click Open Workspace.

Note             You can also click on the Open Workspace icon in the Workspace toolbar:

▪       In the Open dialog, select the workspace that you want to open.

Note             TeleTrader WorkStation will automatically suggest the location that is defined as the default path for Documents. To change this setting, see File Locations Settings.

▪       Click Open. For large workspaces, a progress bar is shown while TeleTrader WorkStation is loading the workspace.


Alternatively, you can also:

▪       Click on the arrow next to the Open Workspace icon in the Workspace toolbar:

▪       All workspaces that are saved in the default location (see File Locations Settings) are displayed in a list.

▪       Click on the workspace that you want to open.

Note             Additionally, the four workspaces that were opened last are shown at the bottom of the File menu for quick access.