On the File Locations options sheet, you can change the default file locations for different files (for example workspaces or log files).

Warning    It is strongly recommended to keep the pre-defined file locations.

To change a default file location

▪       Select the file location that you want to change and click Modify.

Local Base

Default location for all external data.


Default location of all saved documents and workspaces. See also Creating and Saving Documents.


Default location of all saved templates. See also Saving your Preferences in Templates.

User Data

Default location for all user-specific data, including custom studies that are saved in the file UserStudies.xml.

Log Files

Default location for all log files. See also Logging Settings.

When you change this file location, you will be asked to restart the application so that the change can take effect.

Virtual Pages

Default location for all virtual pages files. See Opening and Saving Virtual Pages.

▪       In the Browse for Folder dialog, choose the new file location and click OK.

To change back to the pre-defined file locations

▪       Click Reset to default.