You can change the update style of a column on the Update property sheet of the Price Page Properties dialog. The update style is a visual effect that is displayed whenever new quotes arrive, depending on whether for example the price moved up or down.

To change the update style for the columns of a price page

▪       Right-click in the price page and select Properties.

▪       On the left side of the dialog, select Update.

▪       On the right side of the dialog, select a column from the Columns list.

Note             Only the columns from this list can have an update style. You cannot add columns to this list.

▪       In the Update Notify section, select the update style that you want to use. The following styles are available:


A colored arrow is placed next to the content of each cell.

Color text

The text of the cells will be colored on price movements.

Color background

The background of the cell will be colored on price movements.

Note             You can combine the styles Arrow and Color text, but you cannot combine the style Color background with any of the other styles.

▪       In the Movement section, choose the color that will be used to signal price movements. You can choose different colors when the price moves up, down, or stays the same.

Note             You can assign a flash effect to the update style Color background with the option Hide Price Page Notify after x seconds. To change this setting, choose Tools > Options > Price Page from the menu bar. See Price Page Settings.