On the Price Page options sheet, you can find general settings related to price page documents.

Price Page Options

Show number of advancing/declining symbols in captions and headers

Check to display the total number of advancing (+), declining (-) and unchanged (=) symbols for a header group and for the current sheet.

Copy header automatically

Check to include the column headings when copying data from a price page to a spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

Hide Price Page Notify after x seconds

Check to fade out the update style Color background after a few seconds (flash effect). Enter the number of seconds that the effect should be visible.

Insert existing studies when opening chart from price page

Check to include all studies already visible in a price page, when opening a new chart

DDE/RTD format

Choose if you want to use Microsoft Office RTD, Microsoft Office DDE or OpenOffice.org DDE to connect to your spreadsheet software. See also RTD Retrieving Real-Time Data with Excel.

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