When you first open a document, or display a pop-up window or pane, it is shown with its default settings. You can change how a document, pop-up or pane looks, add or remove information and organize its content. You can also link many documents to a price page, watch list or time and sales document, so that you can display a symbol in multiple documents at once and easily switch between symbols from a central overview table.

Most settings can be adapted in the properties dialog of the document, pop-up or pane. Other settings can be accessed by right-clicking in the document and choosing a command from its context menu. Some manipulations, such as moving a column in a price page, can be made with simple drag and drop operations.

Properties dialog

The properties dialog allows you to adapt the default settings to your needs. To display the dialog, right-click in the document, window or pane that you want to customize and select Properties.

Properties dialogs are made up of several property sheets. Each property sheet contains several properties that are related to each other. For example, the Font property sheet allows you to change the font style, font size and font color for all text in a document. You can choose the property sheet in the left part of the dialog.

Note             Some property sheets are arranged hierarchically and displayed in several groups. In this case, you will see a tree view on the left side of the dialog.

Context menu

The context menu shows the commands that are most suited for the current situation. To display the context menu, right-click in the document, pop-up window or pane.

In some documents, the commands listed in the context menu depend on where in the document you click.

Where you right-click…

Commands you see…

Column headers of a price page

Insert, remove and freeze columns, sort rows

Row headers of a price page

Insert and remove symbols, headers and alerts, copy symbols with an RTD or DDE link

Symbols / cells of a price page

Additionally: Open symbols in other documents

Upper left corner of a price page

Auto-size the price page

Sheet tabs of a price page, chart or time and sales

Insert, remove and rename sheets

Chart background, header or scales

Insert symbols, alerts, studies and bookmarks, extend time line

Symbol / time series in a chart

Additionally: Open the symbol in other documents, remove or hide the symbol, link the symbol to a price page, report bad ticks

Content of a pane

Adapt the settings for the pane content

Borders of a pane

Hide / show the pane and change its docking behavior

Watch list columns

Enter and edit purchase data

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