For a price page, you can customize the following settings in the Price Page Properties dialog:

Note             Most of these settings are also available for Vertical Price Pages (only that rows and columns are reversed), with the following exceptions: No sorting functionalities, no headers and sheets, no VWAP / NewsFlash columns, no column freezing, no support for chain symbols.

Property Sheet



Add, remove and rearrange the columns of a price page


Assign an update style to specific columns


Change the appearance and color of the grid


Change the font of the price page and its foreground and background color


Change the foreground and background color of the headers

News Flash

Change the settings for the News Flash columns


Properties of each inserted study, such as its bases, parameters and style.

Loop Documents

Change the time interval between switching from one symbol to next symbol.

Additionally, you can resize rows and columns, insert, change and remove headers, add sheets, sort the rows of the price page and freeze one or more columns of a price page. You can also link other documents to a price page, so that you can display a symbol in multiple documents at once and easily switch between symbols from a central price page. Chain symbols (automatically updated symbol lists) can be displayed in a price page as well.

For more information, see Price Page.

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