Adding Folders and Symbols to FastLook

All symbols that you add to FastLook are stored there automatically, independent of any workspace. Thus, they are available in any workspace. Symbols remain in FastLook until they are removed (see Organizing FastLook Items).

You can create folders in FastLook to keep a better overview of your symbols. All folders that you create are part of the root folder My Symbols. This folder cannot be removed, since it holds all other items.

Note             You can also add symbols to FastLook with drag and drop. See Copying Symbols.

To add a symbol to FastLook

▪       Right-click on the folder where you want to add the symbol and choose Insert Symbols.

▪       In the Symbol Search dialog, enter your search term in the first field on the left side and change the search settings, if necessary. For more information, see Searching for Securities in the Symbol Search Dialog.

▪       Click on the green button or press the Enter key to start the search.

▪       Select the symbol(s) that you want to insert.

▪       Click OK. The symbol is inserted into the selected folder.

To add a folder to FastLook

▪       Right-click on the folder that should be the parent folder and choose Insert Folder.

▪       A new folder is added inside the parent folder.

▪       Right-click on the new folder and choose Rename.

▪       Enter a name for the folder and press the Enter key.