FastLook offers you a way to store symbols that you use frequently independent of a workspace. It is part of the navigation pane. Similar to the QuickBar, it holds lists of symbols that can be grouped into folders. However, unlike the QuickBar, you can define and change these lists yourself.

By default, FastLook is empty. If you want to store some symbols there, you first have to add them. You can also organize them in folders to keep a better overview. Symbols and folders in FastLook are stored independent of every workspace and can therefore also be accessed from any workspace. You can open any type of document for a FastLook symbol.

If you want to customize FastLook, you can change the font, colors and symbol display (ticker or name). See Customizing FastLook.

FastLook is automatically displayed as a part of the navigation pane when you start TeleTrader WorkStation. If the navigation pane is not visible because it was closed manually, or if another view is chosen to be displayed, follow the steps below to display FastLook.

To display FastLook

▪       On the View menu, click Navigation Pane.

▪       In the navigation pane, click on the tab FastLook.

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