For every time and sales document, you can choose whether to display only the market activity for a single symbol, or all trades, bids and asks for multiple symbols. This means that you can display time and sales data for many symbols in one document. The list of symbols is displayed in the price page view (see Showing and Hiding Views). You can either switch between the symbols, which means that you can show only the time and sales data for one selected symbol at a time, or you can show all time and sales data simultaneously (this is especially useful for infrequently traded securities).

Note             In time and sales documents that contain a chain symbol, you cannot show data for a single symbol. See also Displaying Chain Symbols in Time and Sales.

To show time and sales data for all / selected symbols

▪       Right-click in the time and sales view and select Show all Symbols or Show Selected Symbol.

▪       The row headers of the price page view will show a red arrow when only the time and sales data for the selected symbol is displayed.

Note             You can also double-click any row header in the price page view to switch between these options.