Maintenance of the Local Database

The local database of TeleTrader WorkStation holds only symbols that you have manually added to it either by exporting a time series from a chart to the local database (see Using Charts Offline) or by importing external data with the Security Data Wizard (see Importing External Data to the Local Database). You can search for symbols in the local database with the normal Symbol Search functions.

If you want to remove some symbols from the local database, you can do so with the Security Data Wizard, no matter if they have been imported from external data or exported from a TeleTrader WorkStation chart. You can also compact the database to reduce the space that it needs on your hard disk in the same step.

To delete local data from the database and compact the database

▪ On the File menu, click Security Data Wizard.

▪ On the first page of the Security Data Wizard, click Next.

▪ On the Action Selection page, select Database maintenance from the list and click Next.

▪ On the Securities database maintenance page, select the symbol(s) that you want to delete from the local database. To select several symbols at once, hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the symbols.

▪ Click Delete/Restore. The symbols that will be deleted are shown with a red, italic font.

Note If you have chosen symbols that already where marked for deletion, a click on Delete/Restore will remove them from the list of symbols that should be deleted.

▪ If you want to change the name or ID of a local symbol, double-click on the name, type a new name and press Enter.

▪ If you want to compact the database, select Compact database.

▪ Click Next when you are finished.

▪ On the Completing Security Data Wizard page, a list of actions is displayed that will be carried out as soon as you complete the wizard. Review this list if you want to make changes to the actions, click Back.

▪ When you are satisfied with the list of actions, click Finish.

▪ The wizard will close automatically when all actions are completed.