Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a protocol that allows different programs to exchange data. With TeleTrader WorkStation, you can use it to display live, updating quote date or historical quotes in your spreadsheet software, for example in Microsoft Excel. Open Office is also supported.

You can include the current quotes of several symbols in your spreadsheets, much like in a price page. Additionally, you can also retrieve historical data and display it in a table. The syntax of the DDE links gives you great flexibility in formulating your own requests.

To retrieve and update the quote data in your spreadsheets, a separate program, TeleTrader WorkStation DDE, is used to communicate with the TeleTrader Market Data Server. This program is included with TeleTrader WorkStation, and started automatically in the background as needed.

In order to use DDE when copying data from TeleTrader WorkStation documents to your spreadsheet software, you have to set the DDE/RTD format under Tools > Options > Price Page to Microsoft Office DDE or OpenOffice.org DDE (see Price Page Settings).

For information about using Microsoft Office RTD, see RTD Retrieving Real-Time Data with Excel.

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