When you first start to create your custom studies, it is best to begin with something that is already available. You can take one of the studies that are provided by TeleTrader, and change their functionality so that they better suit your needs.

Before you start changing the source code of a study, check if you can adapt the study by using the settings that it comes with:

Bases and parameters: Look at the Parameters tab of the Insert Study dialog. Can you tweak the parameters so that they fit your needs? Can you change the base element (price) used for the calculation there?

Appearance and styles: Look at the Appearance tab of the Insert Study dialog. Can you change the colors, styles, and pane settings to fit your needs?

When it is necessary to change the source code to get the desired results, open the Study Editor for this study. We recommend to make an exact copy of the study before you do any changes this way, you can always return to the original source code if any problems come up.

To save a study under a different name

▪ On the Tools menu, click on Study Editor.

▪ In the study list on the left side, click on the study.

▪ On the File menu of the Study Editor dialog, click Save a Copy.

▪ In the Name field, enter the name of the study as it should appear in the study list (for example in the Insert Study dialog).

▪ In the Function Name field, enter the name of the function used to calculate the study. Pay attention to the Naming Conventions.

▪ Now, change the source code of the new study on the Source Code tab.

▪ Click Check Syntax to check if the changes to the code are in compliance with the TeleTrader Language syntax.

▪ Click Save All when you are finished.

To give you an idea of the possibilities that you have, and help you with your first steps with the TeleTrader Language, we have prepared some step-by-step examples for you.

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