TeleTrader WorkStation comes with a vast range of built-in studies that are optimized, well tested and ready to use. However, you might need to adapt an existing study to your specific needs, or have an idea of how to improve it. Maybe you have come across someone else’s formula that you want to try out, or maybe you have even invented your own trading strategy.

Either way, this guide will show you to create your own analysis tools (studies) using the TeleTrader Language, which is an easy programming language designed especially for this. Using three walk-through examples, you will be introduced to all necessary concepts step by step.

The TeleTrader Language uses plain English language and provides users with no programming knowledge the ability to use their own ideas and turn them into studies that can be applied within TeleTrader WorkStation.

Required prior knowledge

You should be familiar with the chart documents in TeleTrader WorkStation and with the usage of the built-in analysis tools. You should also know how to use the Study Editor (if you have not used it before, it is recommended that you first read Editing and Managing Studies). No programming experience is required, but some knowledge about calculating simple studies is expected.

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