Creating a Continuation Chart

You can create a continuation chart only for futures. The document type Continuation Chart is only available when the symbol that you want to open is a futures contract.

A continuation chart is created in the same way as all other documents, which means that you can for example open it from the QuickBar, from the Symbol Search results, from other documents like price pages or from the symbols that you have stored in FastLook. For more information, see Creating Charts and Opening Documents from a Chart.

If you want to use a chart template for your continuation chart, the same templates are available like for the normal chart documents.

When you open a continuation chart from the Symbol Search results, you can already adapt the continuation settings before opening the continuation chart document. You can of course later change theses settings at any time (see Changing Continuation Settings).

To open a futures contract in a chart with custom continuation settings

▪       On the File menu, click New Document.

▪       In the New Document dialog, click on the Chart tab.

▪       In the Template pane on the left side, click on the template that you want to use. You can see a preview of the template in the Preview pane on the right side.

▪       Click OK. The Symbol Search dialog is displayed.

▪       Enter your search term in the first field on the left side and change the search settings, if necessary. For more information, see Searching for Securities in the Symbol Search Dialog.

▪       Click on the green button or press the Enter key to start the search.

▪       Select the symbol that you want to open as a continuation chart.

▪       Click on the Continuation tab and change the continuation settings to your needs. See Changing Continuation Settings for details.

▪       Click OK on the Continuation tab. The new continuation chart is formatted with the chosen template.

Note             If you click OK on the Symbol Search tab instead of on the Continuation tab, a normal chart document will be opened.