You can change the amount of data that is displayed in a time and sales document. You can display more data, less data, or data from a specific time period (that means, historical time and sales data).

Note†††††††††††† Be aware that TeleTrader WorkStation needs more system resources the more data you load in time and sales. If you donít need older time and sales data, keep the default setting.

To change the amount of data displayed in time and sales

▪†††††† Right-click in the time and sales document and select Properties.

▪†††††† On the left side of the dialog, select Time & Sales > Time Region.

▪†††††† On the right side of the dialog, choose the appropriate option.


All available time and sales data is loaded and displayed in the time and sales document.

Last x days

Time and sales data for the last x days is displayed. Enter the number of days.


The last x records (rows) are displayed. Enter the number of records.

The default setting is 50 records (rows).

Note†††††††††††† In time and sales documents that contain a chain symbol, historical data is not loaded when opening the document. Time and sales data is only shown as it comes in. See also Displaying Chain Symbols in Time and Sales.

Period (from-to)

Time and sales data for a specific time period is displayed. Choose the begin and end date and time of the period. You can use this option to display historical time and sales data.