Volume Oscillator


Function Name: vol_osc

Tags: Oscillator

Category: Volume

The Volume Oscillator calculates and plots in the chart difference between LongPeriod and ShortPeriod simple moving average of Volume, shown as percentages.

You can use the difference between two moving averages of volume to determine if the overall volume trend is increasing or decreasing. When the Volume Oscillator rises above zero, it signifies that the shorter-term volume moving average has risen above the longer-term volume moving average, and thus, that the short-term volume trend is higher (i.e., more volume) than the longer-term volume trend.

There are many ways to interpret changes in volume trends. One common belief is that rising prices coupled with increased volume, and falling prices coupled with decreased volume, is bullish. Conversely, if volume increases when prices fall, and volume decreases when prices rise, the market is showing signs of underlying weakness.


Link: http://www.onlinetradingconcepts.com/TechnicalAnalysis/VolumeOscillator.html





Default Value: 10  |  Minimum: 1  |  Maximum: 9999


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 30  |  Minimum: 1  |  Maximum: 9999


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 0


Type: Boolean



Default Value: -1


Type: Boolean