Volume Colored SMA


Function Name: volume_colored_SMA

Tags: Volume

Category: Volume

Volume Colored SMA is the simplest volume based technical indicator. It is used in chart and in technical analysis to smooth and describe a volume trend by filtering short term spikes and gaps.


As a rule, volume can be somewhat turbulent and, due to some large trades, you may see surges here and there. By using a moving average of volume, you can smooth out those single fluctuations in volume so it is becomes possible to evaluate the general direction of volume visually, as well as receiving a numeric representation of the volume trend for further use with other indicators.

Volume Colored_SMA is the volume analysis, it displays a Simple Moving Average (SMA) over a specified period of time of Volume and a Volume line which using color conditions. If the today volume is more than a specified period of SMA, the volume line displays green color. In the opposite site the today volume is less than a specified period of SMA, the volume line displays red color.





Default Value: 5  |  Minimum: 1  |  Maximum: 999


Type: Numeric