Throughout this manual and when editing source code in TeleTrader WorkStation, different colors and styles are used to make it easier for you to differentiate between the parts of the TeleTrader Language.

Reserved Words


Reserved words have a special meaning in the language. You are not allowed to use them as a name for your own variables, parameters or functions. See also Naming Conventions.

For example: If, Begin, Numeric

Parameter or Symbol Names


Parameters are input values that will be needed throughout the program. They are normally passed to a study on the Parameters tab of the Insert Study dialog. See also Parameters.

For example: Source.Close, period, commission

Symbols are similar to base parameters and hold time series data. They have to be mapped to a specific time series in the source code. See also Symbols.

For example: advance, decline, EURUSD

Variable Names


Variables are used to temporarily store information that will be needed again later. They have to be assigned an initial value in the source code. See also Variables.

For example: diffHigh, adx_value, iCount,

Function Names: Built-in functions


Built-in functions can be used as helper programs in your own code. You can use them, but you cannot see their source code, as this is only defined internally. See also Function Call and Function Reference.

For example: Sum, DrawLine, IsValid

Function Names: Visible functions


Visible functions can be called from your own code, and you can see and adapt their source code in TeleTrader WorkStation. Every study is defined as a function; some additional functions are available on the Functions tab of the Study Editor. See also Function Call.

For example: movs, funcDmi_diff, MyStudy



Text inputs must be enclosed in quotes. They can be used to assign values to a variable or parameter of the type Text, or can be passed as inputs in a function call (drawing functions).

For example: "HangingMan_TM", "Buy Signal"

Numbers or Enumerators


Numeric inputs can be used in value assignments and expressions or as an input to function calls.

For example: 3.1415926535, 0, 60

Enumerators are the possible values of parameters or variables with a custom enumeration type.

For example: Red, Twice, Xetra



Comments in the code must be enclosed in braces.

For example: { Get bar time }