You have to define what kind of value is returned by your program (if any).

The return types Numeric, Text and Boolean are used for programs which calculate results and use the special variable Result at some point to store the end result of the calculations. The return type must then match the value that you calculate. This means that in most cases you have to define the return type as Numeric, as most calculations for your custom studies will do numeric calculations. The returned value can then also be used by other programs.

If your program does not make use of the variable Result, for example because it only draws something on the screen, you can use Nothing as your return type.

This section is mandatory.


Returns ReturnType;


Reserved word


Possible return types are:

Numeric                 Program returns a number

Text                        Program returns text

Boolean                 Program returns the logical value True or False

Nothing                 Program returns nothing


If the end result of the program is a numeric value:

Returns Numeric;