Pct Trail Stop


Function Name: pct_trail_stp

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Category: Other

A Trailing Stop means is a stop-loss order set at a percentage level below the market price - for a long position. The trailing stop price is adjusted as the price fluctuates. The trailing stop order can be placed as a trailing stop limit order, or a trailing stop market order. Also known as a Trailing Stop Order. This is such a useful tool, yet many fail to use it. Using a trailing stop allows you to let profits run while cutting losses at the same time.


Link:       http://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/trailingstop.asp





Default Value: 1  |  Minimum: 1  |  Maximum: 12


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 1  |  Minimum: 1  |  Maximum: 30


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 2009  |  Minimum: 1900  |  Maximum: 2020


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 1  |  Minimum: 0  |  Maximum: 1


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 12  |  Minimum: 0  |  Maximum: 100


Type: Numeric