Mat Hold


Function Name: mat_hold

Tags: None

Category: Candlestick, Pattern

Mat Hold Pattern found in the technical analysis of stocks that ultimately indicates the stock will continue its previous directional trend (bullish or bearish). The pattern is initially indicated by a significant trading day in one direction or another, followed by three small opposite trending days. The fifth day then continues the first day's trend, pushing higher or lower, in the same direction as the first day's movement. The mat hold pattern is considered a very reliable but rare indicator in the technical analysis of stocks. It is often confused with the rising three's indicator, with the difference being that the trades on days two to four of the rising three indicator generally stay within the high and low established on the first day. The trading range of days two to four in the mat hold pattern can be trade outside of the high-low range made on the first day.


1. An uptrend (downtrend) is in progress.

2. A long white (black) candle forms.

3. Followed by a small black (white) candle that gaps up (down) and doesn't trade back to the close value of the first candle.

4. Second, third and fourth candles are small and descending (ascending).

5. Fourth candle is black (white).

6. All three small candles' bodies remain above the low (below the high) of the first day.

7. The final day gaps up (down) and closes above (below) the trading ranges of the previous four days, forming a long white (black) candle.

If all criteria are satisfied, a BullishMatHold (BearishMatHold) is marked on the chart.



AvgBodyHeightPeriod: The number of body heights that are averaged to form the body length baseline.

LongBodyRelativeThresh: Baseline multiple used to form the threshold for "long body".

SmallBodyRelativeThresh: Baseline multiple used to form the threshold for "small body".

UseTrendCondition: If false, then the criterion No. 1 is not tested.

ShowMark, ShowBar: Display control flags.





Default Value: 14  |  Minimum: 1  |  Maximum: 999


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 1.2  |  Minimum: 0  |  Maximum: 999


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 0.80000000000000004  |  Minimum: 0  |  Maximum: 1


Type: Numeric



Default Value: -1


Type: Boolean



Default Value: -1


Type: Boolean



Default Value: -1


Type: Boolean