Gator Oscillator


Function Name: gator_osc

Tags: Oscillator

Category: Trend

The Gator Oscillator is based on the Alligator indicator, which is a combination of three Smoothed Moving Averages at the mid price, referred to as the Alligator's Jaw (blue), the Alligator's Teeth (red) and the Alligator's Lips (green). It shows the degree of convergence / divergence of the three lines.

The top bar chart shows the difference between the Jaw and Teeth lines (blue and red), the bottom chart shows the difference between the Teeth and Lips lines (red and green) and is drawn top-down.

The Gator Oscillator helps identify a trend in combination with the Alligator on which it is based - when the Alligator lines diverge, this signals the start of a trend.


Author:   Bill Williams