Force Index


Function Name: force_index

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Category: Volume

The Force Index is an oscillator that combines price movements and volume to measure the force, or the power, of bulls behind particular market rallies and of bears behind every decline.

Force Index is calculated by subtracting yesterday's Close from today's Close and multiplying the result by today's volume. If closing prices are higher today than yesterday, the force is positive. If closing prices are lower than yesterday's, the force is negative.

If the Force Index is above zero it signals that the bulls are in control. A negative Force Index signals that the bears are in control. If the index whipsaws around zero it signals that neither side has control and no strong trend exists.

The three key components of the Force Index are the direction of price change, the extent of the price change, and the trading volume. When the Force Index is used in conjunction with a moving average, the resulting figure can accurately measure significant changes in the power of bulls and bears.


Author:   Dr. Alexander Elder






Default Value: 10  |  Minimum: 2  |  Maximum: 9999


Type: Numeric