Evening Star


Function Name: evening_star

Tags: None

Category: Candlestick, Pattern

The evening star pattern is a sign of a bearish market and consists of a pattern shown through three bars. The first candle is a long white body that continues the up-trend; the second candle of this pattern is a candle with a small body that can be either hollow or filled but where the body is over the Close of the first bar. The third candle is a filled body candle on which the body is gapping down under the second bar.

The Evening Star study marks a bar if an evening star pattern occurs.


Link:       http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/eveningstar.asp





Default Value: 10  |  Minimum: 1  |  Maximum: 9999


Type: Numeric



Default Value: 1  |  Minimum: 0  |  Maximum: 2


Type: Numeric



Default Value: -1


Type: Boolean



Default Value: -1


Type: Boolean