Accumulation Swing Index


Function Name: accum_swing_index

Tags: None

Category: Momentum

The Accumulation Swing Index is a cumulative total of the Swing Index of each trading day over time. The Swing Index is a value from 0 to 100 for an up bar and 0 to -100 for a down bar. It uses the Open, High, Low and Close prices of a two-day market period in an attempt to identify market direction, and in turn, to identify realistic market swings.

The Accumulative Swing Index is used to give a better long-term picture than the Swing Index. If the long-term trend is up, the Accumulative Swing Index is a positive value, and if the long-term trend is down, the Accumulative Swing Index is a negative value. If the long-term trend is sideways (non-trending), the Accumulative Swing Index fluctuates between positive and negative values.

This indicator is primarily used to analyze futures but can be applied to stocks as well.


Author:   Wells Wilder






Default Value: 3  |  Minimum: -100  |  Maximum: 20000


Type: Numeric