Highlights in TeleTrader Professional 10.9

 Favorite Exchanges and custom sort order for arbitrage lists

 Special price page template for Fundamental information

 Custom columns, colors, fonts and update style for price alerts in the Alerts window

 Current value of Trailing Stops also visible in chart trade tools


Price Page

Favorite Exchanges and custom sort order for arbitrage lists

From any symbol shown in a document (chart, price page, market depth etc.), you can easily open a price page with related symbols that have the same ISIN and type as the source symbol (for example a list of stocks on different exchanges), by right-clicking the symbol and selecting Related Symbols > Arbitrage List (previously Same ISIN and Type).

The list is sorted by exchange – you can now customize the order of exchanges and which exchanges are visible under Tools > Options > Price Page > Arbitrage Lists. There, you can create a list of Favorite Exchanges and sort it as required. If you want to see only your favorite exchanges when opening a new arbitrage list, select the option Show only favorite exchanges in arbitrage lists.

Special price page template for Fundamental information

The new price page template Fundamental lets you see some important financial figures, like market capitalization, price/earnings ratio, earnings per share etc. You can add additional information by right-clicking the price page and selecting Properties > Columns.


Custom columns, colors, fonts and update style for price alerts in the Alerts window

For price alerts, visible on the Price tab in the Alerts window, you can now customize the visible columns, font and colors of all texts, change the appearance and color of the grid, and adapt the update style of the Current Price column. For triggered alerts, you can choose an individual color (by default, they are shown shaded).

To open the Alerts Properties dialog, right-click in the Alerts window and select Properties.

Price alerts can also be sorted by any column: Just double-click the column header of the column by which you want to sort the list.

ViTrade Trading Integration

Current value of Trailing Stops also visible in chart trade tools

Starting with this version, the current value of Trailing Stop orders is also visible in the trade tools shown on the chart: The price line of the order is automatically positioned at the level of the current Trailing Stop.

Resolved Issues

The following bug has been fixed:

▫       In the ViTrade trading integration, the login dialog was not shown in some cases when the connection to the trading system was lost.

Minimum System Requirements


PC with 1,66 GHz or higher

Operating System

Windows 8, Windows 7 (recommended), Windows Vista, Windows XP

All operating systems need MS .NET framework, the most recent service packs and the component MSXML 6.0. Some functionalities of TeleTrader Professional need components from Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (or higher).


1 GB

We recommend at least 2 GB for large time series or a high number of charts and time and sales documents.

Free Disk Space

ca. 85 MB of free hard drive space for a complete installation

Internet Connection

Persistent Internet connection with a recommended bandwidth of at least 64 kbps


Ports 80 and 2088 (TCP) need to be open for TCP/IP traffic to the market data server (allowing HTTP traffic is not sufficient). Personal firewalls have to be set up to allow traffic for TeleTrader Professional.

Documentation and Support

For further information, please consult the documentation accessible over the Help menu or visit us at http://professional.teletrader.com .

If you have any questions, contact our support team:

▫       On the Help menu, click Online Support and enter your request as detailed as possible.

▫       Send us an e-mail at support@teletrader.com – please mention your Professional user name in the message!

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