Highlights in TeleTrader Professional 10.1

Loop Documents: Automatic displaying of linked documents

Set an individual color for columns / fields

Set number of decimal places in Vertical Price Page

Price Page

Loop Documents: Automatic displaying of linked documents

New feature called Loop Documents allows you to display documents linked to Price Page one by one automatically in a certain interval. Once Loop has been activated, loop starts with the first symbol in the Price Page and all documents which are linked to this Price Page would show the symbols one by one in the default time interval of 5 seconds.

Available time intervals to choose from are: 5 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes and Custom (1-1000 seconds).

To activate Loop Documents

▪ Link a desired document (e.g. chart) to a Price Page with several symbols.

▪ Right-click on any cell in the Price Page and then click Loop Documents in context menu.

To deactivate Loop Documents

▪ Right-click on any cell in the Price Page and click Loop Documents in context menu.

To pause Loop Documents

▪ Click on the play/pause icon in the top left corner of a Price Page. After loop is paused, icon is changed to

For more detailed information about Loop Documents, see the TeleTrader Professional User Guide under Help > Help.

Set an individual color for columns / fields

Starting with this version, it is possible to set color for each individual column of a Price Page (row of a Vertical Price Page). Right-click and open Price Page > Properties > Columns (Fields). In Price Page properties, select Background color option and choose desired color.

Note Background color change does not apply to: price page headers, update color background, VWAP button, News Flash button, and News Headline if Use News Flash properties for Headline column is enabled.

Set number of decimal places in Vertical Price Page

Now it is possible to set number of decimal places in Vertical Price Page. Simply right-click and choose Set decimal places. In Set decimal places dialog, enter the number of decimals you want to use and select Field or Symbol depending where you want this setting to be applied.

New Studies

The following studies have been added:

Eight-Bar Simple Moving Average, as featured in Stocks & Commodities, June 2012: This study is created for trading bond ETFs from a monthly chart. It generates buy signal if monthly price of bond fund is greater than eight bar moving average, and sell signal if monthly price is less than eight bar moving average.

Sentiment Zone Oscillator, as featured in Stocks & Commodities, May 2012: The SZO was devised on the belief that after several waves of rising prices, investors begin to get bullish on the stock with increasing confidence since the price has been rising for some time. The SZO measures that bullishness/bearishness and marks overbought/oversold levels.

Put/Call Ratio Indicators, as featured in Stocks & Commodities, November 2011: This study combines Fast PCRI, Slow PCRI and Inverse Fisher Transform Indicator to help you analyze the six phases of the price cycle.

RSI-MACD-V Colored: This study generate buy/sell signals based on price momentum compared to MACD, RSI and Exponential Moving Average indicators.

HACO Long Term, as featured in Stocks & Commodities, July 2012: This is adapted indicator already featured in December 2008, with few more variables added for longer-term trading. The indicator plots a 100 value for a long entry signal, 50 for a close long, and zero for short entry.

For detailed information about the new studies refer to the Analysis Tools manual, which is accessible from the Help menu.

Resolved Issue

The following bug has been fixed:

▫ When renaming price page expression, it was possible to give non-unique name to expression and no error message was displayed.

Minimum System Requirements


PC with 1,66 GHz or higher

Operating System

Windows 8, Windows 7 (recommended), Windows Vista, Windows XP

All operating systems need MS .NET framework, the most recent service packs and the component MSXML 6.0. Some functionalities of TeleTrader Professional need components from Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (or higher).


1 GB

We recommend at least 2 GB for large time series or a high number of charts and time and sales documents.

Free Disk Space

ca. 85 MB of free hard drive space for a complete installation

Internet Connection

Persistent Internet connection with a recommended bandwidth of at least 64 kbps


Ports 80 and 2088 (TCP) need to be open for TCP/IP traffic to the market data server (allowing HTTP traffic is not sufficient). Personal firewalls have to be set up to allow traffic for TeleTrader Professional.

Documentation and Support

For further information, please consult the documentation accessible over the Help menu or visit us at http://professional.teletrader.com .

If you have any questions, contact our support team:

▫ On the Help menu, click Online Support and enter your request as detailed as possible.

▫ Send us an e-mail at support@teletrader.com please mention your Professional user name in the message!

TeleTrader Software GmbH, Marc-Aurel-Strasse 10-12, A-1010 Vienna, Austria