A web watch document is an embedded browser window that can display any Internet web page, just like you would with your normal Internet browser. As the browser window is embedded in TeleTrader WorkStation, it can be positioned on a virtual page, saved in a workspace etc. just like any other TeleTrader WorkStation document.

To open a new web watch browser window

You can open a new web watch browser window, just like you would open any TeleTrader WorkStation document, with File > New Document.

See Opening Symbols in New Documents for details.

History of visited links

All links that you visit while a web watch window is open are automatically stored in a history of visited links. You can access and edit this history if needed.

Learn more:

 Managing Visited Links

Browser navigation bar

At the top of each web watch window, a navigation bar gives you access to the basic functions of a web browser, such as going back to the previous page, searching and reloading the current page, etc.

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 Navigating Between Web Pages