Watch list documents are very similar to price pages. They show an overview of several symbols in a table. In addition to the functionalities of a price page, watch lists also offer basic portfolio functionalities.

Price page with additional functionality

A watch list consists of a part that works like a normal price page. You can add, remove and customize columns just like on a normal price page. In addition, each watch list shows eight additional columns after the price page columns. The first four columns you have to fill yourself when you add a symbol to your portfolio, the other four columns are calculated automatically.

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 Customizing Watch Lists

Simulate your portfolio in real-time

For each symbol in your portfolio, enter the date when you bought the security, the price you paid, the amount you bought and optionally also a multiplier (for example for Forex adjustments or derivative contracts). The value of your asset and profit / loss calculations for your portfolio are calculated automatically by the watch list, based on the current quotes at the exchange.

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 Entering Amounts, Buy Dates and Prices in a Watch List