On the VWAP options sheet, you can set the default type of VWAP columns when inserting them into a price page and choose the status colors for the V-Button. See also Adding, Removing and Customizing the VWAP Columns.



Active Row

Color of the V-Button if VWAP values are active. The values are updated constantly as new ticks come in.

Period <> Current Date

Color of the V-Button if the entire time period chosen for VWAP is before or after the current date. The values will not be updated.

Frozen Row

Color of the V-Button if the calculation of VWAP values is temporarily frozen for this row.


Check the VWAP type(s) that you want to use as the default type when inserting the VWAP columns on a price page.

You can choose more than one type the symbols (rows) of a price page will then be duplicated for each type on inserting VWAP columns. Change the order of multiple VWAP types by using the Move Up / Move Down buttons.