When you are using the internal e-mail client, you have to add the recipients of your e-mail (contacts) to the internal address book before you can send a document, virtual page or workspace to them. You can also import external contacts from a text file or comma separated values file. The internal address book only offers basic functionalities for more functionalities, use your default e-mail client.

To access the internal address book

▫ When sending workspaces, virtual pages or documents from within TeleTrader WorkStation (see Sending Workspaces, Virtual Pages or Documents via E-Mail) choose the command Address Book.

▫ When configuring e-mail notifications for alerts, click on the labels To, Cc or Bcc in the Alert Action Editor (see E-Mail Action).

To create a new contact

▪ In the Send E-mail dialog, click New.

▪ To set the name and address of the new contact, click on the default values First Name, Last Name or E-mail Address.

▪ Type the name or address and press Enter.

To choose a contact

▪ In the Contacts list, select the recipient of your e-mail.

▪ Click To, Cc or Bcc to add him / her to the appropriate field.

To delete a contact

▪ In the Contacts list, select the contact.

▪ Click Delete.

To import external contacts

Note The import file must be a text file or comma separated values file with three columns that contain the First Name, Last Name and E-Mail Address of your contacts (in this order).

▪ In the Send E-mail dialog, click Import.

▪ In the Import E-mail Addresses dialog, click Browse.

▪ In the Import dialog, select the file that you want to import and click Open.

▪ If the first row of your import file does not contain data, select First row is heading.

▪ You can now see a preview of the contacts that will be imported. If you are satisfied with the results, click Import.

To export your address book

See E-Mail Settings.