Like a price page, a chart consists of at least one sheet. You can add additional sheets to a chart to organize the contents of a chart. Each sheet can be customized independently that means it can use different data compressions, chart types, panes, studies etc.

Sheets are especially useful in a chart when you use a split chart window, as outlined below in an example. That way, you can display one symbol in a chart with different data compressions, chart types or studies.

For more information about how to create new sheets, rename or remove a sheet, see the information about sheets in price pages: Adding and Organizing Sheets.

Note You cannot move symbols from one chart sheet to another like you can in price pages. However, whenever you create a new sheet in a chart, all symbols and studies of the first sheet are automatically copied to the new sheet. The new sheet will also use the time region set for the first sheet, except when the first sheet is set to load all historic data. In that case, the new sheet will only display the last 510 records of a symbol.
After that, the new sheet is completely independent of the first sheet.

To view different sheets in one chart at the same time (chart window split)

▪ Add several sheets to a chart (see Adding and Organizing Sheets), for example:

▪ Set a different compression for every sheet, for example a daily compression for the first sheet, 60-minute compression for the second sheet and 5-minute compression for the third sheet. See Changing the Data Compression for details.

▪ Place the mouse pointer on the split handle (the grey vertical bar) in the upper right corner of the chart window. The pointer changes.

▪ Hold the mouse button down and drag the handle downwards. The chart window is split in two parts. The second part contains an exact copy of the original chart. Every change that you do in one of the parts is replicated immediately in the other part.

▪ You can now display different sheets in every split window: Click on the Daily tab in the top part of the chart, and on the 5min tab in the bottom part of the chart, for example.

To close the split window

▪ Place the mouse pointer on the separation line between the two split parts.

▪ Hold the mouse button down and drag the separation line downwards.

▪ When the mouse pointer is beneath the lower border of the chart window, release the mouse button.