Uploading Workspaces to TeleTrader Mobile

You can upload any saved TeleTrader WorkStation workspace to the TeleTrader server in order to use it with TeleTrader Mobile.

TeleTrader Mobile is an online financial portal for your mobile phone. It includes real-time quotes for the DAX index and for major cross rates, delayed data of international stock markets, news and many features such as charts, customizable price pages and text message notifications. Additional real-time services are available at a fee.

You can access TeleTrader Mobile by entering http://m.teletrader.com in the web browser of your mobile phone. Sign up for a TeleTrader Mobile account in order to be able to save your settings and use uploaded TeleTrader WorkStation workspaces.

Please note that not all features of TeleTrader WorkStation are available in TeleTrader Mobile.

To upload a workspace to TeleTrader Mobile

▪       Open the TeleTrader WorkStation workspace that you want to upload. See Opening Saved Workspaces.

▪       On the File menu, click Upload Workspace to TeleTrader Mobile.

▪       Enter your TeleTrader Mobile login data in the upload dialog. Check the Auto Upload option to update the workspace automatically whenever changes are saved in TeleTrader WorkStation.