Note For more examples of how to use TeleTrader WorkStation RTD, a sample Excel sheet is included in the installation: Right-click the RTD tray icon and choose Help > Samples to open it. See also Samples for the RTD Component.

Retrieving live quotes

Retrieve live quotes for the EURUSD currency pair:


Using cell references

In RTD formulas, you can use references to other cells, which makes your formulas reusable for example, you can substitute the symbol name with a cell reference (the correct symbol ID should be entered manually into the referenced cell A1):


Using a wrapper function for RTD requests

For more ease-of-use when typing a lot of RTD formulas manually, you can define a wrapper function using Microsoft Visual Basic/VBA. The following example shows the wrapper function GetData:

Function GetData(SymbolField)

GetData = Application.WorksheetFunction.RTD("ProfRTD", Null, "Live", SymbolField)

End Function

You can then use the function GetData instead of RTD formulas in your worksheets using the following syntax: