For using cell references and wrapper functions, see the Tips and Examples for Retrieving Live Data.

Note For more examples of how to use TeleTrader WorkStation RTD, a sample Excel sheet is included in the installation: Right-click the RTD tray icon and choose Help > Samples to open it. See also Samples for the RTD Component.

Looking up an ISIN

If you look up an ISIN that is traded on several exchanges, it makes sense to add the exchange name in the formula here, an ISIN is looked up on Xetra:


Looking up a ticker symbol

When you look up the Ford ticker on NYSE, you should use the option EXACT to get a result immediately, since there are many tickers that start with F:


Refining a search step by step

Sometimes you have to refine your search based on the results that you get when looking for an options contract (search result is shown in red below in Microsoft Excel, the search result will be shown in the same cell where you enter the formula).

Look up an option on Eurex, using the option's ISIN and type:

=RTD("profrtd";;"Lookup";"DE000BASF111,Eurex,Call Option")

Found 332 symbols. Please refine your search.

Add the strike price:

=RTD("profrtd";;"Lookup";"DE000BASF111,Eurex,Call Option,,48")

Found 13 symbols. Please refine your search.

Add the expiration date this finally returns the symbol ID:

=RTD("profrtd";;"Lookup";"DE000BASF111,Eurex,Call Option,,48,032012")