The time and sales document is a chronological list that shows all market activity of one or several symbols. Each bid and ask that is in the market and each trade that takes place on the exchange is listed here row by row. You can also use the time and sales document to verify the quotes of a symbol. Each time and sales document consists of two views: The price page view and the time and sales view.

Time and sales data for multiple symbols or for one single symbol

You can display the market activity for a single symbol, or all trades, bids and asks for multiple symbols. By default, all new time and sales documents show the time and sales data for all symbols at once. You can also switch between the symbols manually instead. In addition, you can add and remove symbols, and assign a different color to every symbol.

Time and sales documents can also display chain symbols, which are symbol lists that are automatically updated on the server (for example, a list of index constituents).

To organize the contents of a time and sales documents, you can use sheets in each sheet, you can use different columns, colors and fonts.

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Displaying Chain Symbols in Time and Sales

Each row in the price page view shows a symbol

The price page view shows all symbols that are visible in the time and sales document. This allows you to easily switch between the symbols, if you have chosen to only see time and sales data for the selected symbol. Like in a normal price page, you can insert and rearrange columns, change the update style of a column and customize font, colors and grid lines. You can also link other documents like charts to the price page view of time and sales.

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Linking Documents to Time and Sales

Each row in the time and sales view shows a trade or order

The rows of the time and sales view either show an order that was placed or a trade that was done. For trades, the last price and the volume of the trade is displayed, for orders the Bid or Ask price and the size of the order is shown.

The data shown for each trade or order is organized in columns. You can change the appearance and color of the grid lines, the font and color of the text and the background color of time and sales.

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Changing the Grid Style, Font and Colors of the Time and Sales View

Change the data displayed

By default, the time and sales document is updated every time a new order or trade is entered for the symbol. However, you can also use it to display historical data from a specific period of time. Additionally, a filter lets you define price and/or volume ranges.

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Get notifications when prices change

To get an automatic notification (sound, message or e-mail) when the price of a symbol reaches a certain level, use price alerts.

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Price Alerts

Alternative template: Time and Sales US

An alternative, US-style standard template is available for time and sales documents. It shows the data in a more condensed way.

Note The possibilities to customize US-style time and sales documents are restricted. You can change the amount of data displayed and change the font and colors of the time and sales document.