Time alerts are triggered at a certain date and time. You can use them to notify you at the same time every day (or every weekday), or only use it once at a specific date. A time alert can also initiate a printout of certain documents at a specific time.

Time alerts stay active only if they are set to be triggered every day or weekday.

To insert a time alert in the Alerts window

▪       On the View menu, click Alerts.

▪       In the Alerts window, click on the Time tab.

▪       Double-click on the field Time. The current time is inserted by default.

▪       Enter the time at which the alert will be triggered in the format hh:mm.

▪       Press the Enter key.

▪       In the column Day, choose when the alert should be active:


Alert will be triggered today and become inactive afterwards


Alert will be triggered tomorrow and become inactive afterwards


Alert will be triggered every weekday (Monday through Friday)

Every Day

Alert will be triggered every day

▪       Alternatively, choose a date at which the alert should be triggered in the column Date.

▪       In the column Actions, define which action(s) will be carried out when the time alert is triggered. See Setting the Action on Triggering an Alert.

▪       In the column Note, add a note for this time alert. This text will also be used in notifications (see Notification Action).