With Symbol Search you can find all symbols that are available in your data package. You can search for the name of a security, its ticker symbol, its ISIN or its local identification number, such as WKN. The Symbol Search dialog is shown whenever you start a search or want to insert, change or replace a symbol in one of your documents.

You can start a search from the Symbol Search toolbar, by opening the Symbol Search dialog, or by starting a search from any document.

The Symbol Search dialog is also shown automatically when you create a new document and try to change or insert symbols in a document.

After you have defined your search parameters and started the search, you can filter, sort and group the search results. You then can open one or more of the symbols in a document, or display news , company profiles and analyst recommendations for symbols. With Smart Symbol Search, you can even include all settings and the preferred document that will be opened in one search query.

You can save your search settings as a search template, or save your search results in so-called tabs.

If you want to customize the general search settings, like colors and fonts used or the behavior of the toolbar, see Symbol Search Settings.

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