Study alerts will notify you when a new signal marker (up / down arrow, for example Buy or Sell signal) appears on a chart. To create a study alert, a chart document with a study of the type Signal must be open. A study alert is always connected with a specific chart document.

Study alerts stay active as long as the connected chart document stays open. When you close the chart document, or remove one of the chart objects that are used for the alert, the alert is automatically deleted.

Note             You can however hide the chart by right-clicking on the alert and choosing Hide Chart. This will keep the chart window open in the background, but makes it invisible on the screen. Use Show Chart to make it visible again.

To insert a study alert from a chart

▪       Right-click on the chart and choose Insert > Study Alert.

▪       The Alerts window with the new study alert appears. You can adapt the parameters of the study on which the alert is based by clicking Change Parameters.

▪       In the column Actions, define which action(s) will be carried out when the study alert is triggered. See Setting the Action on Triggering an Alert.

▪       In the column Note, add a note for this study alert. This text will also be used in notifications (see Notification Action).

To change the parameters of a study alert

▪       On the View menu, click Alerts.

▪       In the Alerts window, click Change Parameters for the study alert that you want to adapt.

▪       In the Chart Properties dialog, adapt the parameter values of the connected study to your needs.

Note             The changed settings are also applied to the visible study on the chart.