The status bar shows different information about the current state of TeleTrader WorkStation, for example its connection status, the current number of subscribed symbols, the name of the active virtual page etc.

To hide or show the status bar

▪       On the View menu, choose Status Bar.

Elements of the status bar

Toolbar Status

On the left side of the status bar, a short description of a toolbar command is shown when the mouse pointer is moved over the corresponding toolbar icon.

Remaining Data

When the active document shows an intraday or tickbar chart, the number of minutes or ticks that remain until the current bar is completed is shown here. This information is also shown in the chart header of the respective chart.

Subscribed Symbols



The number of symbols that you are subscribed to at the moment is shown here. Only subscribed symbols are automatically updated in your documents when new ticks arrive.

The number will turn red when you have exceeded the maximum number of subscribed symbols. It then shows the maximum number allowed, and in brackets the number of additional symbols that were automatically unsubscribed.

Double-click on the number to directly access the options sheet Subscription. There you can see which symbols you are subscribed to and unsubscribe symbols if necessary. See Subscription Settings.

Connection Status


The current connection status between TeleTrader WorkStation and the Market Data Server is shown here.

Right-click the icon to disconnect, reconnect or change the settings for automatic reconnection. See Monitoring the Connection on the Status Bar.

Virtual Page

The name of the active virtual page is shown here.

Click here to switch to a different virtual page. See also Switching Between Virtual Pages.

Time Zone

The current time zone is shown here. The time zone is used for all time values that are displayed in charts, price pages, news documents etc.

Click on the current time zone to change the time zone setting. See also Time Zone Settings.

E-Mail Status

The current status of the internal e-mail client is shown here.

Click here to configure the e-mail settings or to view or clear the log files. See also E-Mail Settings and Sending Workspaces, Virtual Pages or Documents via E-Mail.