TeleTrader WorkStation RTD is started automatically when needed, for example when opening an Excel spreadsheet containing RTD links. You can also manually start the RTD connection, if necessary.

You can see if the RTD connection is active in your Windows system tray:

The RTD connection stays active even if you close TeleTrader WorkStation or the spreadsheet that contains the RTD links. You can stop the connection manually if you donít need it anymore.

To start the RTD connection manually

▪†††††† Click on the Windows Start button, and then select All Programs > TeleTrader RTD Server > TeleTrader RTD Server.

▪†††††† Click on the Windows Start button, and then select All Programs > TeleTrader WorkStation RTD Server > TeleTrader WorkStation RTD Server.

▪†††††† If you are using the RTD connection without an active installation of TeleTrader WorkStation, you will be asked to log in with your user name and password.

▪†††††† Select the Save check box so you don't have to enter your user name and password again the next time you log in.

▪†††††† Select Always show login dialog if you want to display the login dialog on every start of TeleTrader WorkStation RTD. If you clear this option, the login dialog will not be displayed again on future logins, and you will be automatically logged in using your last login information. You can however still bring up the login dialog by right-clicking the RTD icon in the Windows system tray and selecting first Disconnect and then Connect.

▪†††††† Select Automatic reconnect if you want RTD to automatically reconnect to the Market Data Server in case the connection is lost.

▪†††††† Select I accept the terms in the licence agreement radio button. If you want to, you can read the End User License Agreement by clicking the EULA button.

To stop the RTD connection manually

▪†††††† In the Windows system tray, right-click the RTD icon:

▪†††††† Select Disconnect if you want to stop retrieving data without closing TeleTrader WorkStation RTD.

▪†††††† Select Exit to close TeleTrader WorkStation RTD.

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