The sound action plays a sound file or a signal from the computerís system speaker when the alert has been triggered.

To customize the sound action

▪†††††† Open the Alert Action Editor, for example by double-clicking in the Actions column.

▪†††††† On the left side of the dialog, select Sound.

▪†††††† On the right side of the dialog, choose whether you want to use the internal system speaker of your computer for the alert (Speaker), or play a sound file when the alert is triggered (File).

▪†††††† If you chose File, click on Browse to find the sound file (.wav file) that should be played.

▪†††††† Enter the number of times that the sound file will be played when the alert is triggered (the maximum is 20 times).

▪†††††† You can test the sound action by clicking on the play button.